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Brave Cop Speaks Out Against Police Brutality On U.S. Citizens [VIDEO]

The Free Thought Project has published a video in which a brave police officer has taken the risk of publicly condemning the series of brutalities citizens have suffered, and are still suffering, at the hands of his fellow police officers in recent times in the United States.

The officer is said to come from the state of Georgia and has been identified as Billy Ray Fields. He took a strong stance against the rampant police abuse of power nowadays.

The video was originally posted on Mediatakeout and has since gone viral on many social media platforms. In the video, Officer Fields pointed out that he has taken a huge risk in speaking against his ‘bad colleagues’ because he felt their actions are unacceptable and they are likely to destroy America’s future.

“When I became a cop, I took an oath knowing what I would face in these streets … This young generation they’re our future and some of them don’t have a clue nor a plan. So it’s not only my job to uphold the law, but to show, guide and lead them in the right direction.”

Fields also stated that he supports the police accountability movement by activists, in order to hold bad cops accountable for their actions. He said due to the behavior of his bad colleagues, people often tell him that, “it’s a bad time to be a cop,” to which he replies them that now is a, “perfect time to be a cop.”


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Caught on Video: Selfless Police Officer Pulls Unconscious Man from Burning Vehicle

Hartville, OH — Uniontown police Sgt., Michael Batchik responded to a 9-1-1 call at Hartville Marketplace last week of a person trapped in a vehicle which was on fire.

Apparently the victim crashed into the vehicle in front of his after apparently passing out with his foot on the accelerator.

When Batchik pulled up to the scene he quickly and selflessly throws himself into harms way to rescue the unconscious man inside the dangerously smokey vehicle; which could have exploded at any moment.

Moments after Batchik disappears into the smoke he’s seen pulling the unconscious man away from the SUV.

For his courage and selflessness, Sgt. Batchik deserves credit and the Cops Caught On Video would like to extend that to


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DASHCAM: Texas Cop Rescues Woman Lying on Train Tracks Seconds Before Being Run Over

Richmond PD officer, Ramon Morales, had only seconds to react as a train was speeding towards a woman lying across train tracks in the early morning hours of June 22, 2014.

Ignoring the oncoming train, Morales was able to grab the woman under the arms and drag her to safety only moments before the train came speeding by.

It is this type of police behavior and action that is what Americans used to expect when hearing the phrase “protect and serve.” Unfortunately, rescuing suicidal people has seemingly become just another excuse to bring out the military gear, or actual target practice on live victims.

Two weeks ago we reported on a lawsuit filed by a man who was shot in the face twice after a call that he may be suicidal.

At the beginning of the month we reported on a SWAT team, snipers, and MRAP responding to a suicidal man with a knife.

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Chief of Police Harassed by Feds, Placed on Leave After Signing Pledge to Uphold Constitution

A police chief was detained and harassed by federal agents while traveling to a constitutional convention before returning home to be told he was being placed on administrative leave and ordered to disband his police department after signing a pledge to uphold the bill of rights.

Police Chief Shane Harger of the Jemez Springs, NM Police Department was flying out of Albuquerque Airport last week on his way to a Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) convention taking place in Las Vegas. CSPOA is an organization headed up by Sheriff Richard Mack under which law enforcement officers gather to re-affirm their commitment to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Before passing security, Harger was approached by a TSA agent who asked the police chief to show his credentials. Moments later, a man claiming to be a “federal agent” also asked to see Harger’s credentials before telling him he was a “person of interest.” The federal agent then demanded to know where Harger was traveling to and why.


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