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Why This Pistol-Whipped Cop Didn’t Fight Back

An Alabama police detective who was attacked, pistol-whipped with his own gun and had mocking pictures of himself posted on social media afterwards, was hesitant to protect himself for fear of retribution on the streets and in the media, according to the local Fraternal Order of Police president.

Sgt. Heath Boackle, president of the Birmingham Lodge at the Alabama Fraternal Order of Police, said the officer was hesitant to use his weapon against the suspect and instead had it taken from him.

The unnamed officer pulled over a man last Friday in a GMC Yukon. The man got out of the car despite the officer instructing him otherwise and a tussle ensued, according to department reports. During the confrontation, 34-year-old Jenard Shamar Cunningham took the officer’s gun and pistol-whipped him until he was unconscious, according to

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