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What if police say they smell marijuana?

If police say they smell marijuana coming from your vehicle, you’re in a tough situation. Courts have ruled that the odor of contraband gives officers probable cause to perform a search. For this reason, police are quick to claim that they smell something and sometimes they might even lie about it.

All you can really do is say, “Officer, I have nothing to hide, but I don’t consent to any searches.” If they search you anyway and something is found, you’ll need an attorney to help you fight the charges. Unfortunately, police sometimes use tricks like this to circumvent your constitutional rights and there’s no perfect way to handle the situation. Of course, they are most likely to do this if they are suspicious of you for some reason, so do your best to stay calm.

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What Are My Rights When Marijuana is Legal?

With the passage of the nation’s first marijuana legalization measures in Colorado and Washington, we’re getting a lot of inquiries about how these changes in marijuana policy might impact basic rights during police encounters. Good question…

Anyone who’s been checking out our materials over the years knows how often the subject of marijuana comes up. It’s one of the main reasons people are being stopped and searched by police. A lot of people are going to jail for it and even more are being searched head-to-toe (or worse) by suspicious officers only to be turned loose when nothing is found.

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