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Hairstylists are Required to Attend Significantly More Training Than Cops

Absurdity is a common trait of bureaucracies. But nothing says “we have no clue about the laws we pass” more than state requirements for law enforcement training. 

Police are given the trust of the municipalities in which they ‘serve’ to uphold the rule of law. They are given a gun and vehicle and a certain level of autonomy in order to accomplish this task.

They consistently find or place themselves in compromising positions in which they must make life or death decisions; decisions which affect the lives of every person in this country.

The largest authority granted to cops is that they are authorized the use of deadly force against their fellow man when they feel that their life or the life of another is in danger.


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Sheriff’s Office Arrests Wrong Woman – Twice

They’ve done it again.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office has arrested the wrong person.

This time, the sheriff’s office extradited Ashley Nicole Chiasson, a 28-year-old single mother of two, from her home state of Louisiana in January and jailed her for 28 days before being convinced they had the wrong person.

Then during a previously scheduled May status hearing related to the charge that was being dropped, Chiasson was wrongly arrested again in a different case.


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Ex-Deputy Details Culture Of Abuse In County Jail

The deputy described beating inmates unprovoked, slapping them, shooting them with a Taser gun and aggressively searching them to pick a fight — something he learned “on the job.” He would huddle with other jail guards to get their stories straight and write up reports with bogus scenarios justifying the brutality. If the inmate had no visible injuries, he wouldn’t report the use of force, period.

He did all this with impunity, former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Gilbert Michel testified Tuesday, knowing that even if inmates reported the abuse it “wouldn’t go anywhere.” If they were to put it in writing and drop it in a complaint box, it was his fellow deputies who opened that box too.

Michel, 40, took the stand at the obstruction of justice trial of six sheriff’s officials accused of impeding a federal civil rights investigation into allegations of excessive force at L.A. County jails. His decision to smuggle a cellphone to an inmate in exchange for a bribe in August 2011 — an undercover FBI operation, unbeknownst to Michel — led to the Sheriff’s Department finding out about the federal investigation and, prosecutors say, set into motion a conspiracy to frustrate the inquiry. None of the defendants on trial — two lieutenants, two sergeants and two deputies — is accused of civil rights violations or excessive force.


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Officer Arrested in Domestic Violence Case — Told Wife She Needed To Be “Cut By A Razor, Set On Fire, Beat Half To Death And Left To Die”

A Fort Worth police officer who was arrested Monday on charges that he assaulted his wife last month at their Arlington home said in a recorded tirade that she needed to be “cut by a razor, set on fire, beat half to death and left to die,” police said.

Cpl. Lawrence Blanchard, 51, was booked into the Tarrant County jail on misdemeanor charges of assault and making a terroristic threat. He was immediately released on bond.

According to an Arlington police arrest affidavit, the incident occurred May 20 when the couple got in an argument over their children.

During the confrontation, which happened in front of four children under the age of five, Blanchard told his 4-year-old son that his mother was “a prostitute, a b****, and not really the child’s mother,” the affidavit said.

Blanchard grabbed his baton from his police duty belt and expanded it, police said.

“She (his wife) stepped out of his way and he went into the living room and struck the coffee table with the baton before putting it down on a chair,” a detective wrote in the arrest warrant.

He also got his gun from the bedroom, unloaded it on the kitchen table, and told her “I’ll kill you,” the warrant said.


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Feds perform guns-drawn SWAT raid while investigating campaign finance allegation

SANDY, UT — A prominent figure in Utah says that his children had guns pointed at them during a violent police raid to investigate an alleged white-collar crime. “If they’ll do it to me, they’ll do it to anybody,” said former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

“Law enforcement showed up in masks, 12 officers with bullet proof vests, assault rifles, burst through the door screaming and yelling at my kids,” Shurtleff said in an interview with Fox 13. He said that guns were pointed at his daughter and son, ages 16 and 20, in his suburban home while he was away.


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No Jurisdiction, No Problem: Local Police Make Up Their Own Rules

An investigation by 8News Investigative Reporter A.J. Lagoe exposes Richmond’s Public Housing Police Department playing by its own rules and making arrests—where they have no right to make them. VCU professor Jayasimha Atulasimha was pulled over by police.“I was just pulled over for whatever, a wrong turn,” he says.

But this story is not about a driver’s wrong turn. It is about the wrong turn Richmond’s Public Housing Police Department took at its very inception.

The death of the RRHA Police Department has been headline news since April 1 when it was shut down with no warning.


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EXCLUSIVE: Woman accuses NYPD cop of assault, false arrest and pressuring her into a date, files $150M lawsuit

Erica Noonan, 31, is suing the city and Police Officer Carlos Becker, who’s accused of pulling her over because he found her attractive, using a cell phone to video tape her rear end while she was handcuffed at a precinct, and pressuring her into a date by promising to clear up her case. The lawsuit also names a slew of other violations.

The Bronx woman wooed by a hot-to-trot NYPD highway cop during and after her drunk-driving arrest sued the officer and the city Thursday for $150 million.

Erica Noonan, 31, says Police Officer Carlos Becker pulled her over on Fordham Road on March 11, 2013, because he found her attractive, videotaped her rear end with his cell phone while she was handcuffed at a police precinct and then pressured her into a date by promising to clear up her case.


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