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Another ‘Isolated Incident’ Caught on Video of Police Beating a Handcuffed Man

A video has surfaced that shows two officers punching a handcuffed prisoner inside a Berkeley Township jail cell.

Tax payers will be held to the fire again for the abusive actions of police as Darren Yurick, 38, files a lawsuit against Berkeley Township for alleged excessive force.

Yurick was arrested last year for allegedly beating up his estranged wife. Police initially had Yurick in the cell without handcuffs. When he was seen touching the jail cell lock, he was removed from the cell and handcuffed on the ground.

According to News 12, Yurick’s attorney has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that Patrolman Patrick Stesner Jr. beat Yurick up once he got him back into the cell.  In his police report, Officer Stesner says he struck Yurick once in the face to de-escalate the situation because Yurick was kicking him.


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Police Officer Rapes and Kills Wife

A Utah police officer who killed his wife, their two children, his mother-in-law and then himself received text messages from his wife just hours earlier threatening to leave him and take their kids and confronting him for raping her, new documents show.

A Spanish Fork Police report shows Joshua Boren and his wife exchanged heated texts the night and morning before the January killings.

In them, Kelly Boren confronted her husband about raping her and told him their marriage was over, The Deseret News reported ( ). The couple already had been separated for some time.


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In Police State USA, You Can Push Over a Man in a Wheelchair & Keep Your Job as a Cop

“Now you’re going to jail!” say the officers to the paraplegic whom they just ‘protected and served.’

July 4, 2014

The police department in Lafayette, Indiana, has released dash cam footage which shows lieutenant Tom Davidson pushing over Nicholas Kincade, a 25-year-old paraplegic who uses a motorized wheelchair to get around.

The incident took place in October of 2013. Police were called to the scene after receiving reports that Kincade was armed with a gun near a charter school.


Police didn’t find a firearm and said Kincade had a pocket knife that he carries for protection.

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Cops Shot the Wrong Guy’s Dog

“So I get to bury my dog because an officer couldn’t back up and close the fucking gate!”

Furious man confronts police after learning they killed his dogaaa

Residents in Salt Lake City, Utah are up in arms after a local police officer shot and killed a man’s beloved pet dog last month while responding to a missing child report.

Authorities found the displaced toddler unharmed and sleeping inside its home around 30 minutes after they entered the yard of Sean Kendall on June 18 and killed his 110-pound Weimaraner, “Geist.”


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This Woman Refused to be Bullied by Police and Won

Police will often try and skirt the law by telling you that you have to submit to search or tricking you into submitting to an otherwise self-incriminating action, regardless of actual guilt.

Those who are informed are harder to trick and thus pose a challenge for the would-be rights violators out there.

This woman knows how to flex her rights and repels this cop, peacefully and without aggression.

Stupid Cop thinsk a french fry is a joint.

The ludicrous “war on drugs” violates another person’s rights.

Semi-famous rapper, Joe Mugga, was out with some friends when Fairview Township Police officer, Michael Bennage pulled him over for a burnt out license plate light.

As he was reviewing Mugga’s license and registration (papers), Bennage tried to open the back door to of his vehicle; no consent was given, no warrant was obtained.

Bennage demands that Mugga open the door. “For what?” Mugga replies.

Bennage then reaches inside the vehicle, unlocks the door, and yanks Mugga out of his own car.

All of the occupants were told to exit the vehicle and sit on the curb while Bennage ransacked the vehicle looking for drugs.


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