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Woman Drowns After Police Threaten to Arrest the Men Who Were Rescuing Her

This Monday, 64-year-old Constance Manzanares drowned after she became trapped in her car in a drainage canal, in Northeast El Paso, Texas.

When police arrived on the scene, there were a number of young men in the water attempting to save the victim and rescue her from the car.

However, witnesses say that police threatened the young men with arrest and chased them away from the area, and then failed to make a rescue attempt of their own, allowing the woman to drown.

According to an anonymous witness who was interviewed by local KFOX14, the woman may be alive today if the police had never showed up in the first place.

“They went and tried to help this lady, they tried to help her, but the police said they can’t, they were yelling and everything, I don’t wanna say nothing bad about them, I know they give good service here and everything, but I said ‘Oh, my God….They hit the window on the driver’s side, and she tried to get out but there’s a fence right there, and she couldn’t get out. So she had all that weight with her and all the water inside. The men got scared, they didn’t want to leave, they were mad, so they got scared, people were yelling so they had to leave before they got arrested,” the witness said.

Many other witnesses who did not wish to be named or appear on camera did confirm that people who could have saved this woman’s life were chased away by police.  It is interesting that not one of these witnesses want to appear on camera, and it is likely that many of them fear police retaliation for speaking out about what they saw.

According to multiple witnesses, the police stood around and did nothing for nearly 15 minutes before allowing emergency crews to move in.


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2 Canton Michigan Police SCHOOLED by ex cop. 2 complete LYING DOUCHE BAGS Good news ONE good cop handled it properly

Officer Champaign and the plain clothes under cover officer need to find a different job or get retrained. They have NO clue on our rights and a master degree on being douche bags CONGRATS you 2 for harassing a innocent citizen for NO FREAKING REASON. Good news ONE good cop held it together otherwise twiddle dee and twiddle dumb may have killed this guy.


Canton, MI — Police detained a man because he allegedly “fit the description” of a someone exposing themselves in the area.

The cops said they were looking for a black male in black shorts, and that was exactly how Mr. Sylvan Triggs was dressed.

However, when Mr. Triggs looked up the actual description of the flasher, it was a tall white male in his 20’s who the police were looking for; not a short black male in his 40’s.

Had Mr. Triggs not been filming this harassment, it could have gone much worse.

Here is that incident caught on film which shows Mr. Triggs refusing to be bullied by these harassing cops.

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Caught on Video: Selfless Police Officer Pulls Unconscious Man from Burning Vehicle

Hartville, OH — Uniontown police Sgt., Michael Batchik responded to a 9-1-1 call at Hartville Marketplace last week of a person trapped in a vehicle which was on fire.

Apparently the victim crashed into the vehicle in front of his after apparently passing out with his foot on the accelerator.

When Batchik pulled up to the scene he quickly and selflessly throws himself into harms way to rescue the unconscious man inside the dangerously smokey vehicle; which could have exploded at any moment.

Moments after Batchik disappears into the smoke he’s seen pulling the unconscious man away from the SUV.

For his courage and selflessness, Sgt. Batchik deserves credit and the Cops Caught On Video would like to extend that to


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BREAKING: Video Finally Released of Cops Shooting Man With a Toy Gun in Wal-Mart

Beavercreek, Ohio – Special Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier released the long awaited surveillance video of John Crawford being gunned down, while holding a BB gun, in a Beaver Creek, Ohio Wal-Mart.

The video was released as Piepmeier announced that that the Greene County grand jury in Xenia had chosen not to indict the officers involved in the August 5th incident, which resulted in the death of John Crawford, 22.

Beavercreek officers claim that they shot Crawford after he ignored their commands and refused to drop the BB gun. The family of Crawford vigorously disputes that notion.

“It was an execution, no doubt about it,” alleged Crawford’s father, John Crawford II. “It was flat-out murder. And when you see the footage, it will illustrate that.”

The video of the incident seems to bolster the families claims, as there is absolutely no reaction by Crawford until he is hit by gunfire presumably.

Additionally, preliminary autopsy findings show that Crawford was shot in the back of his left arm and in his left side, which supports the claim that he was never even facing the officers that shot him, as shown in the video. These facts support a narrative that officers never made verbal contact with Crawford, but instead simply gunned him down on sight.


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This is How a 10-Year-Old Boy With Autism is Treated in a Police State

A photo, taken at Cypress Elementary in the Lakeside Community, in Kissimmee, FL, submitted to the Free Thought Project this week, paints a very disturbing picture.


The photo is of a 10 year old child handcuffed, laid out on the back of a police cruiser. The boy’s name is Ryan and he has autism. According to Ryan’s mom, Elaine Maldonado:

He had difficulty being redirected which resulted in a really bad meltdown. My son made threats to harm himself with scissors which were accessible to him from the teacher’s desk. The principal did not call us, but did call law enforcement to have him Baker acted.

The teacher did call my husband and he arrived at the school within minutes and 10 minutes before law enforcement. Upon his arrival he was told that he could not see Ryan because he would be interfering with an investigation and would risk being arrested.

When three law enforcement officers arrived to the classroom, Ryan was still very upset. They proceeded to drag him down the hall, passed by my husband who was very upset and placed him on the trunk of the police car on one of the hottest days of the week (100 degrees if not higher – police officer states this in his report ) and handcuffed him in front of the school and held him down on the hot car for several minutes before communicating to my husband that they planned to baker act him.

The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971, commonly known as the Baker Act allows the involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual. It can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals.

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Disturbing Facebook Video Shows Police Manhandling 13-Year-Old Autistic Boy

Royal Oak, MI — A disturbing video was uploaded to Facebook Friday that highlights a terrible trend of using police violence to deal with autistic children.

The video shows multiple police officers holding down Kevin, a terrified 13-year-old autistic boy, who is screaming for help.

According his mother, Kevin was non-violent and in his own room without other students. EMS was called in order to treat the boy’s refusal to get up from his desk as a medical situation. However, police showed up and did what they do best.

“After quite a bit of time, because the situation had escalated to the point that it had, and the refusal of staff to leave the room so that I could calm Kevin down myself, and their continual interjections that he had to leave, it became apparent to me that I was not going to be able to remove Kevin myself, nor would he just walk out, and I asked that EMS be called in the hopes that it would be handled more from a medical standpoint.

The first to arrive were two young men from the Fire Department who were very nice, and likely could have succeeded in getting Kevin to agree to leave if staff would have removed themselves from the room and/or at least stopped stating that Kevin had to leave.

Shortly after that the police came in and that was it. A scared, angry, frustrated, panic-stricken, yet seemingly in control very big for his age 13 year old child turned into a caged animal and was treated to some extent by one or two of the officers as such. The big guy smashing his head into the carpet was not my favorite, but of course other than videoing and watching and interjecting verbally for them to ease up and listen to my child was all I could do.”

Below is the graphic video of how police, who lack the training to deal with special needs children, react to a situation which could have otherwise been solved non-violently.

Sadly this is not an isolated incident. Just last month we brought you the story of 10-year-old Ryan whose autism got him cuffed and thrown on the back of a hot police car.


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DASHCAM: Texas Cop Rescues Woman Lying on Train Tracks Seconds Before Being Run Over

Richmond PD officer, Ramon Morales, had only seconds to react as a train was speeding towards a woman lying across train tracks in the early morning hours of June 22, 2014.

Ignoring the oncoming train, Morales was able to grab the woman under the arms and drag her to safety only moments before the train came speeding by.

It is this type of police behavior and action that is what Americans used to expect when hearing the phrase “protect and serve.” Unfortunately, rescuing suicidal people has seemingly become just another excuse to bring out the military gear, or actual target practice on live victims.

Two weeks ago we reported on a lawsuit filed by a man who was shot in the face twice after a call that he may be suicidal.

At the beginning of the month we reported on a SWAT team, snipers, and MRAP responding to a suicidal man with a knife.

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Cops Beat & Kidnap 12-yo Girl in Front of her Home, Claiming She was a Prostitute

When her mother and father came outside after hearing her cries for help she was desperately holding a tree with one arm while plainclothes officers were beating her in the head, neck and throat.

Dymond Milburn, now 20-years-old, was an honor student attending advanced classes at Austin Middle School, when her life would be forever scarred by Galveston police.

On the night of August 22, 2006 at 7:45 PM, Emily Milburn was preparing her children for school the next day, when a breaker broke, cutting off electricity to the family’s home. Emily asked her daughter, Dymond, to go outside and hit the switch, located downstairs and outside the house.

When Dymond went outside the house toward the breaker box, a blue van drove up to the house and three men jumped out and start attacking her. One of the men grabbed Dymond and said “You’re a prostitute. You’re coming with me.”


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Police Chief ‘Shocked’ By Video Of Officer Confronting Man Filming Arrest

D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier said she was “shocked” by a video that shows an officer confronting a citizen who was filming an arrest on a public sidewalk.

“We have an extremely clear policy that addresses the Metropolitan Police Department’s recognition of the First Amendment rights enjoyed by, not only members of the media, but the general public as well, to video record, photograph and or audio record MPD members conducting official business or while acting in an official capacity in any public space, unless such recordings interfere with police activity,” Lanier said in a statement. “We spent an extensive amount of time to ensure that members were aware of the policy, developed in 2011.”

Andrew Heining, a mobile engagement producer at the Washington Post, shot the video on September 7 outside the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. Shortly after he begins filming, an officer, identified as C.C. Reynolds, approaches him and tells him to “pack up and go.”

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